What A Performance – 1997

What A Performance was a short series of 8 shows, looking at different genres of comedy.  It began as a one off in 1997, coming back for three shows in 1999 and four in 2000.


Presented by Bob Monkhouse with contributions from famous faces of the time and those who worked behind the scenes.

The first show focused on camp comedy, subsequent shows focussed on Drag, Miserable Gits and The Battleaxe (1999).  The final series in 2000 focussed on Double Acts, Slapstick, Cads, Charmers and Playboys.  The final show looked at Madcap.





Presented By: Bob Monkhouse


Channel: ITV
Links Written By: Bob Monkhouse and Jez Stevenson
Produced By: Carlton Television for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 1st October 1997 – 15th August 2000



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