spooner's patch

Spooner’s Patch

Spooner’s Patch – 1979

Another one of those forgotten sitcoms from ITV, you know the ones, never appear on the repeats that get a regular airing on ITV’s digital channels.

After an unaired pilot episode in 1978 the show ran for three seasons between 1979 and 1982 (with a year’s gap between series two and three) and had the benefit of being written by two top comedy writers Ray Galton and Johnny Speight.

Like many other shows of around this time the archive was not complete, with three episodes missing and one, irreparably damaged.  However, as with Steptoe and Son, Ray Galton had kept copies for his own use.  Subsequently when Network DVD acquired the rights he was able provide the missing links enabling the full series to be released to DVD.


Meet Inspector Spooner, a man of few ambitions. He likes golf, girls and alcohol, longs for the quiet life, and would be quite happy not have to deal with anything more challenging than illegal parking.

However his squad consists of the fascistic PC Goatman, DC Bulsover – a would-be Starsky – and PC Killick, who isn’t averse to exchanging verbal abuse with his superior.

Unfortunately the problems that plague Inspector Spooner seem to come more from his own incompetent force than the criminal fraternity!







Ian Bannen – Inspector Spooner (Pilot episode)
Ronald Fraser – Inspector Spooner (series one)
Donald Churchill – Inspector Spooner (series two onwards)
Patricia Hayes – Mrs. Cantaford, the Traffic Warden
Peter Cleall – Detective Con. Bulsover
John Lyons – PC Killick


Channel: ITV
Written By: Ray Galton and Johnny Speight
Produced By: William G. Stewart
Original Transmission Dates: 9th July 1979 – 27th May 1982