The Brian Conley Show – 1992

Currently starring in East Enders Brian Conley is better known these days as a musical performer with many successful roles under his belt.

However once upon a time Brian Conley’s Saturday Night TV show was must see TV.

The Brian Conley Show ran for 4 series and 29 shows (including 2 specials) between 1992 and 1995.


The shows were a mixture of  Brian’s unique stand up, musical numbers and sketches, featuring some immortal characters, of which the most famous had to be Nick Frisbee and Larry The Loafer, a send up of BBC Saturday morning show Going Live’s puppet Gordon the Gopher.

Nick wasn’t suited for children’s television presenting, most notably because of  the constant pain he caused Larry by hitting him with a club, leaving him shaking and squeaking in pain.  When the audience “aww”ed, Nick would reply “It’s A Puppet!”, which became Conley’s catchphrase, even when out of character.

Other Conley characters included, “Dangerous Brian” Conley.  The mock gladiator who wore an all silver suit, with blue swimming cap-like headwear.  He also wore fake ears in which when he mentions himself being dangerous, a close-up shot would see him pulling random faces quickly with his ears wiggling.








Starring: Brian Conley


Channel: ITV
Produced By: London Weekend Television
Original Transmission: February 22nd, 1992 – July 22nd, 1995



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