The Adventures Of Portland Bill, 1983

The Adventures of Portland Bill is a British stop motion animated kids TV show.

The series was created by John Grace from an idea he submitted to the competition ‘Maritime England’.  All the characters are named after the areas of the UK Shipping Forecast.  Grace’s submission won the prize and was picked up by Graham Clutterbuck at FilmFair who went on to commission two series for ITV.

First aired in 1983, two series were broadcast.  Series 1, consisted of thirteen ten minute episodes each featuring two stories, it was broadcast on Tuesdays.  Series 2 began in 1986 and ran for twelve episodes, again comprising two stories each, broadcast Wednesdays.

The voices for the characters were provided by Norman Rossington who some may remember featured in a number of Carry On films and was one of the cast of The Army Game.


Portland Bill is the lighthouse keeper at Guillemot Rock.  Guillemot Rock lies offshore of the small village of McGuillycuddy. The village has only one shop and so the shopkeeper takes on many jobs.

The series follows Portland Bill who, alongside his two assistants Ross and Cromarty (and his small pet dog Dogger) have many adventures in and around the lighthouse, local village and the sea.

The lighthouse is also subject to periodic inspections by Bill’s superior, Inspector Ronaldsway.

Each episode featured two stories separated by a song.






The Voice Of

Norman Rossington


Channel: ITV
Created By: John Grace
Stories Written By: John Grace
Adapted For TV By: Ian Sachs
Original Transmission Dates: October 4th 1983 – June 25th 1986

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