Enter Auntie Wainwright

As a tribute to Jean Alexander who died on Friday evening we’ve moved Christmas to October to look back at the very first appearence of Auntie Wainwright, a character who would stay with the show for 22 years.

It’s Christmas 1988 and the series that followed would be the last to feature Seymour.  In this episode we meet Howard’s Auntie Wainwright who was about to become a permanent fixture in the show, played brilliantly by Jean Alexander.


Seymour, Compo and Clegg are collecting door to door for the church charity, dressed as Father Christmas  but no one is interested.

However they are not the only ones dressed as Father Christmas.  Thereis a fourth and he’s acting very suspiciously and runs away when ever he is seen by the trio.

Edie is scandalized by Glenda who wants a water bed for Christmas.  Howard’s Auntie Wainwright is terrified that her shop is going to be burgled on Christmas Eve and so turns to her nephew Howard for help.  He enlists the help of Seymour, Clegg and Compo to guard the shop.






Michael Aldridge – Seymour
Compo – Bill Owen
Clegg – Peter Sallis
Howard – Robert Fyfe
Auntie Wainwright – Jean Alexander


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Roy Clarke
Originally Transmitted: 24th December 1988


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