From a Bird’s Eye View – 1970

Something a bit different and rare.  From a Bird’s Eye View was a joint production between ATV and ITC Entertainment.  It aired in the ATV region of the ITV network in Britain and NBC in the US.

Only one series was ever made as it was neither a success here or in the US.  At the time it broke new ground using two established comediennes as the show’s stars (Millicent Martin and Patte Finley).  The original idea had come from Sir Lew Grade who had wanted to make a comedy series that would appeal to audiences on both sides of the Atlantic, so he sent six comedy sketches to producer Sheldon Leonard.  It was he that devised the idea that would become From a Bird’s Eye View.

The series made it’s debut on ATV (an ITV region) in 1970 and ran for 16, 25 minute episodes, it made it’s debut in the US the year after in 1971.

As it never seems to have been repeated, perhaps it might fare a little better with today’s TV audiences.


The series follows two International Airlines stewardesses, a scatterbrained Briton and a savvy American, as they fly the London-European routes.


Here’s episode one is it that bad ?




Millicent Martin
Patte Finley
Peter Jones


Channel: ITV (UK), NBC (US)
Created  and Produced By: Sheldon Leonard
Original Transmission Dates:
(UK) 18th September 1970- 21st April 1971 – (US) 5th April 1971- 16th August 1971

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