Rather than launch into a lengthy discussion about the highs and lows of 2014, we’re sure you’ve seen enough of them by now, we’ll take a quick look back at some memorable moments from 2014 and take a quick peak at some of the things we’re looking at for 2015.

Well can it really be? we were five years old this year, over that time we’ve had several makeovers the largest of which has been in 2014 and honestly we’ve nearly got all the old content back online, a little moving posts into new categories and finding images to replace you tube clips that no longer exist and we’re done, should be done finally by the end of January.  We’ve expanded the subject matter we cover and will continue to add to it.

Now on to the interesting stuff.  It’s been quite a year for fans of comedy.  Boxing Day saw us mark 40 years since Steptoe and Son ended, thanks to GOLD the colour episodes are still with us.  It was 30 years ago we lost Eric Morecambe and 15 years since the passing of Ernie Wise, Christmas isn’t Christmas without their annual Special.  Of course going back even further 2014 marked 60 years since Hancock’s Half Hour was first broadcast on BBC Radio.  To celebrate the BBC re-recorded five missing shows with Kevin Mc Nally as Tony Hancock, they were brilliant. You can catch up with our interview with Galton and Simpson in their special 60th anniversary section.  We had the launch of a new digital channel – Heyday TV, SKY 192 and FREESAT 402.  heyday.tv finally someone repeats Hancock’s Half Hour, long over due in our opinion.

Coming up to date we had Mrs Brown’s Boys Da Movie and of course more recently Brendan O’ Carroll has been talking a lot about media rumours there will be no more Mrs Brown, certainly there are more Christmas Specials in the pipeline (this year’s topped the ratings) but he’s undecided whether to do another movie or TV series.  One thing is for sure Mrs Brown isn’t going away.

This Christmas saw the final installment of hit sitcom Miranda going out in two parts Christmas Day and New Years Day, as seems to be the way these days (Fools and Horses, The Office both huge hits both went out with festive episodes, just like Steptoe all those years ago).

The Old Ones Are The Best

Granville opened Arkwrights shop for business again this Boxing Day, but this time we get a full series, it’s a faithful tribute to the original and laughs a plenty all the way.  Will there be more? that’s down to us the viewing public, if audiences like it, writer Roy Clarke told us he’s more than happy to write another series.

And Finally

Absolutely Fabulous fans may remember in 2013 on their BBC Radio 2 show Dawn French challenged Jennifer Saunders to deliver the script for the much talked about Ab Fab movie.  Dawn hadn’t forgotten, infact she’d tuned it into a bet and reminded Jennifer Saunders on this years French and Saunders radio show.  It seems the AB FAB MOVIE TAKES A STEP CLOSER as live on air jennifer did indeed present Dawn with a first draft of a script for the movie everybody wants to see made, watch this space to see what happens next.

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