One of the most popular of the digital/satellite channels is GOLD.  Best known for running repeats of classic sitcoms, in recent years the channel has been investing money into original programs.

Marley’s Ghosts is one such example initially a three part series (we believe a second series has been commissioned), running in 2015.


Marley Wise is a magistrate.  Her husband is inattentive and his business has failed, so she has a lover.  She also has a rare gift, she can talk to the dead.  When a series of accidents leave her husband, her lover and the female local vicar all dead, this gift becomes a mixed blessing, as the ghosts she can currently communicate with sadly include her husband Adam, her lover Michael and the local vicar.








Sarah Alexander
Jo Joyner
Nicholas Burns
John Hannah


Channel: GOLD
Written By: Daniel Peacock
Original Transmission Dates: 30th September – 14th October 2015


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