Minder At 40

Minder Is 40 Years Old

It was 9pm Monday 29th October 1979 that we first met Terry McCann and Arthur Daley in an episode entitled “Gunfight At The OK Launderette”.

Originally intended as a vehicle for Dennis Waterman, few people at the time would realise the huge success it would become or the high regard it still holds with viewers forty years on.

The show has featured a whole host of top actors and of course that classic Ford Capri.  In tribute to 40 years of Minder we are posting:

Minder – Gunfight At the OK Launderette, 1979

The very first Minder episode and one this writer feels was always slightly different to the series that would follow.

Despite being the first broadcast episode it was actually the second episode of series one to be filmed, the first being “The Bounty Hunter”


Arthur gets Terry a job with his friend Alfie.  The job is to accompany Alfie while he collects the takings from his laundrette chain.

When a group of blacks with a shotgun attempt to steal the takings, things turn nasty and a hostage situation ensues.

With Terry taken hostage and his date wondering where he is, Arthur sees an opportunity to sell an inside story to the media.









Terry McCann – Dennis Waterman
Arthur Daley – George Cole
Dave – Glynn Edwards
Chisholm – Patrick Malahide


Channel; ITV
Written And Created By: Leon Griffiths
Produced By: Verity Lambert
Original Transmission Date: 29th October 1979

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