Monty Python: Almost The Truth (Lawyers Cut), 2009

Monty Python: Almost The Truth (Lawyers Cut) was the six part 2009 TV documentary, made to mark 40 years of Monty Python.

The series was made to focus on Monty Python’s Flying Circus through various spin off projects such as the films through to projects current at the time such as Spamalot.  It highlighted the Python’s childhood, their schooling and university life and gave viewers a look at some of the team’s pre-Python work.

Interviews with the surviving members of Monty Python: John Cleese, Terry Gillam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin featured alongside archive interview footage with Graham Chapman.  There were also interviews with a number of Python associates, including: Carol Cleveland, Neil Innes and Graham Chapman’s partner David Sherlock.  Commentary was provided by comedians of the day.


The six parts that made up  Almost The Truth each featured on a different aspect of  the team.

Part  one focused on on the Pythons’ lives before Flying Circus.

Part two told how they came together and started the famous show.

Part three looked at the Python records and their personal lives.

Part four moves on to Python’s transition from TV to film with “And Now For Something Completely Different”and “Holy Grail”.

The film theme continues into part  five where they look back at their most  famous film “Life Of Brian” and the various controversies that surrounded it.

The sixth and final part deals with the final two films “Live At The Hollywood Bowl” and “The Meaning of Life”.  It also looks at Graham Chapman’s death and the five remaining members going their separate ways and concentrating on other projects.











Graham Chapman
John Cleese
Terry Gillam
Eric Idle
Terry Jones
Michael Palin


Original Channel: BBC2
Original TV Transmission Date: 3rd October 2009


On 29th September 2009,Vue Cinemas in the UK screened a condensed cinema version of the series for one night only. The “BBC Lawyer’s Cut”, a 59-minute cut, was broadcast on BBC2 on 3rd October 2009.  Digital TV channel Sky Arts began showing all six chapters of the documentary in January 2012.

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