Morph, 1977

An early creation from Aardman Animations.  Morph was a series of animated shorts about a mischievous clay character, produced using stop-motion techniques.

Morph first appeared in 1977 interacting with Tony Hart, initially in one minute segments throughout the show.

The character stayed with Tony Hart through all his shows, being joined by a similar cream-coloured character called Chas in later shows.

Such was the popularity of the character that in 1980 he got is own show: The Amazing Adventures Of Morph until 1981, whilst still appearing alongside Tony Hart.  After Tony Hart’s run on TV finished Morph continued, initially as part of kids TV show SMart until 2005.  However between 1995 and 2006 he appeared in a number of his own shows.

After a crowd funding exercise by Aardman Animations co-founder Peter Lord, production began on 15 new shorts featuring the character.  The new series was launched on Morph’s official You Tube channel.

The character has been on and off TV screens ever since and can still be found on his official You Tube channel.


Morph lives in an old wooden microscope box on the artist’s desk. He changes shape, he becomes spheres in order to move around, or extrude into cylinders to pass to different levels.  He can also mimic other objects, or creatures.

Both Morph and Chas love to eat cake.  Their ongoing adventures see them get into all sorts of mischief, particuarly Chas.







Channel: Various
Created By: Peter Lord and David Sproxton
Produced By: Aardman Animations
Original Transmission Dates: 15th February 1977 – present

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