My Wife Next Door, 1972

Unless you are a sitcom fanatic, then My Wife Next Door, a little gem from the BBC is somthing of a rarity, in that up until recently there were no DVD releases and it is one of many that never gets repeated.

It was created by Brian Clemens (Avengers, The Persuaders, Adam Adamant) but script writing duties were handed to Richard Waring.

First shown in 1972, it ran for just one series of thirteen episodes.  In 1973 it was among the first shows to win a British Academy Television Award for Best Situation Comedy.

The series was repeated in 1979, when  it attracted more viewers than during its original run, and topped the BBC1 weekly ratings several times. This was possibly in part due to the ITV strike that limited British viewing to BBC1 and BBC2 for several weeks.


The show revolves around a couple a couple, George Basset (John Alderton) and Suzie Basset (Hannah Gordon). Each tries to start afresh after their divorce. They move to the country, only to find that they have moved into adjoining cottages.  Hence My Wife Next Door.







John Alderton
Hannah Gordon


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Brian Clemens
Written By: Richard Waring
Original Transmission Dates: 19th September 1972 – 12th December 1972

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