Only Fools And Horses, Is It Really 20 Years Since The End, Part 2

Only Fools And Horses, Strangers On The Shore, 2002

Marking 20 years since the final only Fools And Horses Christmas Special.

The story so far, Only Fools And Horses had ended as a regular series back in 1991, but had continued as an annual Christmas Special until 1993.  Returning in a blaze of glory in Christmas 1996 after a three year absence we were treated to a three episode mini series which we was billed as the final episodes.

Fans were desperate for a comeback to see how the Trotters were coping with their new found wealth.  In 2001 it was announced that three more episodes had been made and that this would finally bring the curtain down on the show which by now was 20 years old.  The final three instalments played out over three years.

This post we go back to 2002 and the second instalment “Strangers On The Shore” all together now “Gary!”


The Trotter Brothers embark on a trip to France, after agreeing to visit Uncle Albert’s Navy memorial ceremony in his honour.

Upon their arrival at the village, Del and Rodney learn that Uncle Albert was hounded out of the country by the Resistance, due to his randy ways. Del and Rodney notice all the villagers seem to have mariner’s beards.  Coincidence?

Del, Boycie, Trigg, and Denzil have pre-arranged a dodgy booze scam at Duty Free, using Denzil’s empty van… much to Rodney’s annoyance.

When they arrive home they discover an illegal immigrant has seemingly stowed away in their van. Naming him Gary, they house him, only to find he has escaped.

Sadly the connection between Boycie’s important business deal with a millionaire and his missing son, isn’t made. They wind up in Les Nick, arrested as The Gary Gang!



David Jason – Del Trotter
Nicholas Lyndhurst – Rodney Trotter
Tessa Peake-Jones – Cassandra Turner
Gwyneth Strong – Cassandra Trotter
John Challis – Boycie
Sue Holderness – Marlene
Roger Lloyd Pack – Trigger
Paul Barber – Denzil
Roy Heather – Sid
Nabil Elouahabi – Rashid Mahmoon aka Gary


Channel: BBC1
Written By: John Sullivan
Original Transmission Date: 25th December 2022