Pompidou, 2015

Pompidou was an experimental British television comedy series for the BBC from Little Britain star Matt Lucas.

Inspired by the visual comedy of the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy and Buster Keaton, Lucas aimed to reinvent visual comedy for the twenty-first century, and create an international series for a global audience.

Sadly the series was savaged by critics and failed to catch on.  It managed only one series of 6 episodes.


Pompidou is an elderly oddball aristocrat who has fallen on hard times. He lives in a clapped-out old caravan parked in front of his now crumbling estate.

Pompidou is a tubby, pompous, penniless, eccentric, yet ultimately lovable aristocrat. He is served by his loyal butler Hove and the pair are joined by Marion, an elegant Afghan Hound.

Each week, Pompidou and Hove face a new challenge, from stealing back a priceless bowl they once owned, to extracting a live bird which has flown into Hove’s mouth and is nesting in his stomach.







Matt Lucas – Pompidou
Alex Macqueen – Hove


Channel: BBC2
Written and Created By: Matt Lucas, Julian Dutton and Ashley Baker
Original Transmission Dates: 1st March – 5th April 2015

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