Arthur Lowe – The Final Years

Arthur Lowe had a career that spanned almost 40 years working right up until his death in 1982.  It’s 45 years since Dad’s Army ended the series that made Arthur Lowe a household name.  Whilst Dad’s Army still appears on TV regularly and can be found on streaming service Brit Box many people forget his final works.

After Dad’s Army Lowe remained in high demand and continued with TV and stage roles, for this post we’re looking at TV.

In 1978 Lowe switched sides starring as Father Duddleswell in the ITV sitcom Bless Me Father, this ran until 1981.



Back To The Beeb!

Whilst still starring in Bless Me Father, between 1979 and 1980 he starred in the first 2 series of Roy Clarke’s Potter, playing busybody Redvers Potter



The 1980’s 

In 1981 he reprised his role as Captain Mainwaring for the pilot episode of the radio sitcom It Sticks Out Half A Mile.  The pilot was rejected but Lowe’s widow enjoyed the pilot and persuaded the writers to start from scratch with a new cast.  As a result the series was eventually broadcast.

During the 1980’s  Lowe made a number of TV commercials with 19 just in 1981, anyone remember Hanky Panky? or when Pike became bank manager?





Final TV scenes

In 1982 Arthur Lowe starred as a preparatory school master in what would be his final TV sitcom.

On 14th April 1982 Arthur Lowe was interviewed on Pebble Mill At One.  Just after 6pm the same day he collapsed from a stroke.  He was taken unconscious, to Birmingham General Hospital, where he died at about 5 a.m. the following morning.


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