Rev, 2010

Rev started life as one of a number of trial sitcoms that aired on BBC2 in 2010.

The series became an instant hit not just finding favour with the viewers, but the church itself, and was commissioned for a second series.

It is BBC2’s highest rated sitcom (and there are some heavy weights among the BBC2 stable including Yes Minister) having being sold to 140 countries world wide.

The show ran for three series totalling nineteen episodes.  During an interview in late April 2014, on BBC5 Live, Tom Hollander said that he did not know whether there would be a fourth series, and that after the third series “we all want to just pause”. He added that “The idea of not doing it any more is sad but also quite attractive, because you wouldn’t want for it to ever get worse.”

In 2011, Rev. won the South Bank Award for best comedy and was nominated for the Royal Television Society Programme Awards for best scripted comedy and best comedy performance (Hollander).  The series also won best sitcom at the 2011 British Academy Television Awards.



Reverend Adam Smallbone is an Anglican priest who has recently moved from a small rural parish to the “socially disunited” St Saviour in the Marshes in Hackney, East London.

Adam’s problem is he is unable to turn anyone away from his pastoral care, and therefore finds himself faced with a collection of moral challenges as he balances the needs of genuine believers, people on the streets, and drug addicts, as well as the demands of social climbers using the church to get their children into the best schools.







Tom Hollander
Olivia Colman
Steve Evets
Miles Jupp
Simon McBurney
Ellen Thomas
Lucy Liemann
Jimmy Akingbola
Vicki Pepperdine
Joanna Scanlan
Ben Willbond

Naration By: Tom Hollander


Channel: BBC2 and BBC2 HD
Written and Created By: Tom Hollander and James Wood
Produced By:  Big Talk Productions and Handle with Prayer for BBC TV
Original Transmission Dates: 28th June 2010 – 28th April 2014

Rev is among the titles available to view on Britbox.


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