Russ Abbott’s Saturday Madhouse 1981 – 1982, Russ Abbott’s Madhouse  – 1984

This may fool you, many people think of Madhouse as the primetime BBC show of the 1980’s, but you’d be wrong.  Russ Abbott’s Saturday Madhouse was the original Saturday night ITV sketch show (changing it’s name to Russ Abbott’s Madhouse for the last series) produced by London Weekend Television that ran from 1981 to 1984.  It featured all the characters we came to love Cooperman, Basildon Bond.


Russ Abbott and friends appear in a variety of hilarious sketches and as some unforgettable characters.








Russ Abbott
Les Dennis
Bella Emburg


Channel: ITV
Original Run: 13 June 1981 – 21 August 1982 (Saturday Madhouse), 30 June 1984 – 4 August 1984 (Madhouse)


Sadly the show has never been released on DVD to date.

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5 Responses

  1. Sheila Saxon

    How come the show has not been released on DVD yet- he was one of the funniest british comedians- I am sure I am not the only one with this view

  2. admin

    It’s always worth contacting companies such as Network DVD to see if they have any plans. If enough people show interest they will look at releasing them.

  3. admin

    Nothing to do with Network DVD but they are one of the few companies that do dig up the old Comedies which is what this site IS about.

  4. Harry

    Cannot believe they has been no DVD or re run of this show, Russ Abbott’s show was comedy gold used to have me in stitches, really would like to see them again, brilliant comedy.


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