Saturday Teatime Fun With Mr Bean The Animated Series

Mr Bean – The Animated Series – 2002

Based on the popular live action hit comedy of the same name, this animated version ran for 52 episodes over 3 years.

Initially broadcast in a prime time Saturday Evening slot by ITV that would feature two back to back episodes.  The third series was broadcast as a daily run of twenty single episodes by ITV’s children’s channel – CITV.  Rowan Atkinson again provided the voice such as it was, as  the series again featured little actual dialogue, with most being either little sound bites or mumbling.  All of the animated Bean actions are taken from Atkinson himself.

Characters from the original live action series included Mr. Bean, Irma Gobb, Teddy, and the mysterious driver of the Reliant Supervan, with the addition of Mrs. Wicket, Bean’s landlady, and her evil cat Scrapper.


Again mirroring the original series each episode had a different story quite often involving run ins with his landlady and her cat. Irma Gobb appears and Mr Bean quite often finds himself in  a scrape with a couple of unnamed burglars.


In January 2014, ITV’s Children’s channel: CITV announced it was to revive the series.   Rowan Atkinson would be returning as the voice of Mr. Bean, along with other cast members reprising their roles.

The revival began airing in February 2015 and to date has featured over seventy eight new episodes; the new episodes.

Unlike the original series the revived version contains more actual dialogue than in the original series which mostly featured little sound effects and mumbling.












Mr Bean – Rowan Atkinson
Mrs Julia Wickett (Landlady) – Sally Grace
Irma Gobb – Matilda Ziegler


Channel: ITV (series 1&2), CITV – series 3
Created By: Jipp Adiak
Original Transmission:
(Original Series) January 5th, 2002 – June 2nd, 2004
(Revival)  February 15th 2015 – present)