Grundy, 1980

Grundy was to have been the vehicle to finally show that Harry H. Corbett had put Steptoe behind him.  In an interview with ‘The News Of The World’ prior to its screening, Corbett said: “I hope to bury Steptoe for good.”

Regretably for Harry H. Corbett ‘hope’ was as far as this sitcom got.  Despite the huge acting talents of Harry H. Corbett and script writers who had produced the scripts for Stanley Baxter’s hit shows, Grundy failed to connect with viewers and lasted just one series of six episodes.


Grundy is a Newsagent, a grumpy one at that.  Totally despising of the so-called ‘permissive society’ he takes every opportunity to attack it.

Having divorced his wife on the grounds of adultery ( she ran off with a bookmaker ), it’s time to board the train home.  It is here that quite by accident he finds himself sharing a compartment with the attractive and earthy Beryl Loomis.  Guess what?  she just happens to be the wife of the very bookmaker Mrs Grundy ran off with.

Mrs Loomis finds herslf attracted to Grundy and they strike up a friendship, which leads to her persuing Grundy at every opportunity.  It is this relentless persuing that provides the comedy or not as it turned out.




Whilst it does not appear to be a comedy gem, there a no DVD releases and this is the only clip we managed to find, it’s a shame that the series doesn’t get a repeat outing in today’s multi channel TVworld.




Harry H. Corbett – Grundy
Lynda Baron – Beryl Loomis
Julie Dawn Cole – Sharon
David Janson = Murray


Channel: ITV
Written By: Ken Hoare and Mike Sharland
Produced By: Thames Television for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 14th July 1980 – 18th August 1980


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