The Baldy Man, 1995

Proving he’s not just Rab C. Nesbitt Gregor Fisher pops up as his other famous character The Baldy Man.

The Baldy Man ran for 12 episodes over 2 series from 1995 to 1997, making a final appearance in a 1998 Christmas episode.  The series featured a number of cameo appearances from some well known performers of the time.

Of the 6 episodes made for series 1 episode 6 entitled Hair/Crime was never transmitted.


The show took the form of a series of one off silent shorts featuring the Baldy Man, a gormless half wit who is some distance from normality.  Each episode featured two stories.








Gregor Fisher


Channel: ITV
Created and Written By: Philip Differ
Original Transmission Dates: 13th April 1995 – 24th December 1998

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