The Catherine Tate Show, 2004

Catherine Tate had begun stand up comedy in 1996.  However it was at an after show party at the Edinburgh Festival that then BBC controller of comedy, Geoffrey Perkins encouraged her to develop her character ideas especially that of teenager Lauren Cooper.  Tate followed Perkins’ advice and after performing a live show she found the audience walking out repeating Lauren’s “Am I bovvered?”

In 2004 the BBC gave Tate her own show “The Catherine Tate Show”.  Between 2004  and 2007 There were three series running  for six episodes each.  In addition there were Christmas specials in 2005 and 2007.  A further four specials have followed since the series came to an end.  These were broadcast between December 2009 and December 2015 and featured the Nan character

Collectively, the show has been nominated for six BAFTA Awards, two British Comedy Awards and an Emmy Award. It has also won two Royal Television Society Awards and a National Television Award since its debut in 2004.


Sketch show featuring Catherine Tate playing a number of different characters.







Catherine Tate
Mathew Horne
Niky Wardley


BBC2 (2004–06, 2009)
BBC1 (2007, 2014–15)
Written By: Catherine Tate, Deren Litten, Aschlin Ditta
Original Transmission Dates:
16th February 2004 – 25th December 2007 (series)
25th December 2009 – 30th December 2015 (Nan Specials)

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