The Climber, 1983

Robin Nedwell was not some unknown actor, he’d starred in a number of successful sitcoms including Doctor In The House and The Upchat Connection.  However this BBC offering has become another forgotten sitcom.

The Climber ran for just 1 series of 6 episodes in 1983.


Due to a case of mixed up test papers, Harry Lumsdon has been mistakenly declared a genius by Mensa.

In reality, his actual test result reveals that he’s nothing more than the moron everyone knows he is.  However ignorance is bliss and Lumsdon is keen to let everyone know that he has an IQ of 166 in the hope his job prospects are going to improve.

Currently working in the lower echelons of a bakery, Lumsdon has his eyes set on the top as the titular climber.  After disastrous attempts at becoming a van salesman for the bakery he finds himself promoted/shunted into an office position.

However it’s not long before he finds what appears to be his ideal role as a salesman.  What’s more, if can make a success of himself in the role, there’s the chance of winning Salesman of the Year and a trip to Barbados. Written by Alex Shearer, the series consisted of six episode which went out in early 1983.







Robin Nedwell – Harry Lumsden


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Alex Shearer
Originally Transmitted: 1983




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