The Detectives, 1993

What started life as a five minute sketch as part of Jasper Carrott’s sketch/stand-up show Canned Carrott, became so popular that it was adapted for TV.  It ran for five series spanning twenty nine episodes and two specials, between 1993 and 1997

There were a number of differences between the sketches and the TV series, such as Dave Briggs being married in the sketch (to Brenda), yet both he and Louis are single and hopeless at romance in the series.

The show made a brief return in 2012 as part of a one off sketch show, The One Jasper Carrott (part of a series showcasing various comedians) which included an extended sketch about Briggs and Louis having formed an incompetent private detective agency, Sherlock and Holmes.


Jasper Carrott and Robert Powell play the bumbling detective constables Bob Louis and David Briggs. They were hopeless at their job, to the despair of their “super” Frank Cottam (played by Sewell). However, they usually ended up solving their cases and retaining their jobs, though they came close to being fired on occasion. Louis was more downbeat, whereas Briggs tried to emulate the gung-ho cops shown on TV and in film.







Jasper Carrott
Robert Powell
George Sewell


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Jasper Carrott
Original Transmission Dates: 27th January 1993 – 28th December 1997


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