The Kit Curran Radio Show, 1984

The Kit Curran Radio Show is an often forgotten, short lived ITV sitcom.

First airing in 1984on ITV  it starred Dennis Lawson of Star Wars, Holby City and New Tricks fame. It ran through twelve episodes over two series.

For series two the title changed to Kit Curran and it was broadcast on Channel 4.


Disc jockey, flyboy, con-man, compulsive fibber… could all be used to describe Kit Curran – and perhaps worse!

Kit Curran reigns as the undisputed king of the small-time Radio Newtown.  However sparks start to fly when a new boss arrives – and Kit finds that his days of egocentric scheming may soon be numbered!

In series two (screened two years later) we see Kit Curran attempting to start his own pirate radio station.








Dennis Lawson – Kit Currran
Paul Brooke – Les Toms
Clive Merrison – Damien Appleby
Brian Wilde – Roland Simpson (series one)
Lindsay Duncan – Pamela Scott


ITV (series one)
Channel 4 (series two)
Created By: Andy Hamilton
Written By:
Andy Hamilton (series one)
Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin
Original Transmission Dates: 2nd April 1984 – 25th August 1986

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