Here’s Harry, 1960, Harry Worth, 1966

Here’s someone who rarely gets the recognition he deserves.  It seems a shame that someone with such a body of high profile work should have almost disappeared from memory.

An often forgotten comedian, Harry Worth starred in several comedy gems during the 1960’s and 70’s. Here’s Harry is perhaps best described as a 1960’s Victor Meldrew, but a little more mellow.

His 1960’s series “Here’s Harry” is perhaps his best remembered with it’s opening sequence in the shop window that has since gone on to become known as “doing a Harry Worth”  The series ran for sixty episodes over seven series between 1960 and 1965.  The show would continue later in the decade but with a new title –  Harry Worth, from 1966 – 1970.


Set in the fictional town of Woodbridge, living at 52 Acacia Avenue with his cat, Tiddles and his often-referred to but never seen aunt, Mrs Amelia Prendergast.  ‘Here’s Harry’ portrayed Worth as a bumbling complainer who continually seems to find himself up against officialdom in a world that he always seemed to be one step behind.







Harry Worth – Himself
Mrs Benson (the housekeeper) – Doris Gambell
Alf – Joe Gladwin
Tommy – Reginald Marsh


Channel: BBC1
Original Transmission Dates:
Here’s Harry – 11th October 1960 – 10th December 1965
Harry Worth – 28th October 1966 – 6th January 1970



















Channel: BBC1

Original Run: 1960 – 1965

Written By: Vince Powell, Harry Driver, Frank Roscoe, Eddie Vaughan, Ronnie Taylor


At the time of this post there are no DVD releases of Here’s Harry

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  1. John H

    Forgotten, but close to unwatchable today…even then I found it the most excruciating half hour on the box. Yet I believe at the time he was one of the most popular sitcoms on the TV. Whatever the appeal, it’s long gone.

    Count Arthur Strong is probably his closest equivalent today.


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