The Upper Hand – 1990

Adapted from an American sitcom, Who’s The Boss ? The Upper Hand made it’s TV debut in 1990.  It ran for seven series totalling ninety three episodes between 1990 and 1996.

It was produced by Central Independent Television for ITV.  Whilst adapted from an American sitcom, series seven took the plot a little further, when the two main characters get married.

This little sitcom ticks along quite nicely with much of the best comedy coming from Honor Blackman’s character.


Ex-footballer, Charlie Burrows leaves London with his daughter, Joanna, to start a new life in the country. He is taking a job as a housekeeper to a female executive.  Her son Tom, lives with her, but next door lives her man-eating mother, Laura West.

Both Caroline and Charlie repeatedly attempt to find love elsewhere. For years denying their blossoming feelings for one another, they lead the viewer on a will-they-won’t-they chase lasting until the end of the sixth series. By the seventh series the viewer sees them as husband and wife.










Charlie Burrows – Joe McGann
Joanna Burrows – Kellie Bright
Caroline Wheatley – Diana Weston
Tom Wheatley – William Puttock
Laura West – Honor Blackman


Channel: ITV
Created By: Blake Hunter
Produced For ITV By: Central Independent Television
Original Transmission Dates: 1st May 1990 – 14th October 1996


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