The cast for the Dads army remake line up for inspection

They’re Coming Back In 2016

A little short of 39 years after the original TV series finished and after the excitement of a new Bond and Star Wars film, 2016 will see the eagerly awaited return of Dad’s Army.

The original sitcom enjoys regular repeats on BBC and remains one of the very few sitcoms to transfer to digital, satellite channels for it’s repeats.

It takes a brave person to take such a beloved sitcom and bring it back, but a whole new cast looking remarkably similar to the original will march back to the big screen in February 2016, but will it be any good?  Look out for an appearence from the Rev. Timothy Farthing, played by the original cast member and a supporting role a stupid old boy.


1944, World War II is about to reach an end.

In Walmington-on-Sea, the local home guard, lead by Captain Mainwaring, are suffering from low morale. However, the arrival of a glamorous journalist who wants to report on the platoon’s exploits, lifts spirits

Meanwhile, MI5 have discovered a radio signal transmitted from Walmington-on-Sea,transmitting towards Berlin, it is believed to be the work of a spy, now Captain Mainwaring and his men have a chance to make a real difference in the war.



Capt. George Mainwaring  –  Toby Jones
Sgt. Arthur Wilson – Bill Nighy
Lcpl. Jack Jones  – Tom Courtenay
Pvt. James Frazer – Bill Paterson
Pvt. Frank Pike – Blake Harrison
Pvt. Joe Walker – Daniel Mays
Pvt. Charles Godfrey – Michael Gambon
Warden William Hodges – Martin Savage
Rev. Timothy Farthing – Frank Williams
Mrs. Mavis Pike – Sarah Lancashire
Mrs. Mildred Fox – Alison Steadman
Cissy and Dolly Godfrey  – Annette Crosbie (Cissy) and Julia Foster (Dolly)
Catherine Zeta-Jones – Rose Winters
Col. Theakes – Mark Gatiss
Daphne – Emily Atack
Mrs Elizabeth Mainwaring – Felicity Montagu
Brigadier Pritchard – Ian Lavender
Holli Dempsey – Vera
Oliver Tobias


Created By: David Croft and Jimmy Perry
Film Screenplay By: Hamish McColl
Produced By: Damian Jones
Directed By: Oliver Parker
Release Date (UK): 5th February 2016