Thick As Thieves, 1974

Another show you could call forgotten!  Thick as Thieves was an 8 part sitcom that ran for just the one series in 1974.  Written by an established writing team and featuring some well known names among the cast.

It’s theme song was reminiscent of another better known sitcom.  “Do The Best you Can” was released s 7″ single.  The song was co-written by one of the show’s writers and performed by “Porridge” getting the connection?

The series was shot on a tight budget and finding the half hour including ad breaks a constraint the writers allowed some of the story lines to run over one episode.  As a result to enjoy the series all episodes need to be viewed in their running order.

Although moderately successful, producers LWT decided not to commission a second series.


Having served a three-year jail sentence, small-time house burglar George Dobbs is released from prison one day earlier than expected. However, when he arrives back at his Fulham terraced house, it is his best friend and fellow crook, Stan who opens the door – topless, his face covered in shaving foam, and wearing Dobbs’ pyjama bottoms.

It’s immediately apparent that while Dobbs has been ‘doing time’, Stan has been ‘doing his missus’. However, wife Annie has affections for both men; a reluctant agreement is reached, and a delicate three way relationship develops…








George Dobbs – Bob Hoskins
Stan – John Thaw
Annie Dobbs – Pat Ashton


Channel: ITV
Created and Written By: Ian La Frenais and Dick Clement
Produced By: London Weekend Television for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 1st June – 20th July 1974

Thick As Thieves is available on DVD from Network On Air


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