Monty Python Live (Almost) 2014

After 4 TV series, 5 films, 3 sketch based theatre shows and 18 albums, this really is the end.

First there were the rumours, then the announcement, that press conference and finally those highly anticipated 2014 live shows.  Nearly forty years after the original TV series ended the remaining Pythons gathered together for a series of live shows.

Tonight will be the final show and The Pythons are adamant that this really is your lot, the last time they will perform on stage together.  A moment in comedy history not to be missed and to make sure you don’t miss it the show will go out live to the o2 audience, across the world in cinemas worldwide and on TV exclusively on GOLD.

If you’re watching on GOLD the entertainment starts at 7pm with Monty Python Live Backstage, presented by Dara O’Briain, followed by their exclusive screening of the live show.  We’ve carried official full details in our news section if you’ve missed anything.

It only remains to be said enjoy and here are some of those iconic moments that have made us “look on the bright side of life”

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