Early Doors, 2003

Early Doors was a BBC sitcom that ran for two series in 2003 and 2004.  It has been stated in some circles that scripts for a third series were written, but the BBC showed no interest in a third series.

The series was not a huge hit averaging just 1,7 million viewers during it’s first showing.  However it did fair very well in viewer appreciation indices suggesting it was enjoyed by those that did watch it.  In the 2003/4 BBC Britain’s best sitcom poll Early Doors was placed at number 91.

The series is among the titles repeated on digital channel GOLD.


The setting is The Grapes, a small pub in Stockport.  Here daily life revolves around the issues of love, loneliness and blocked urinals.









Craig Cash
Phil Mealey
John Henshaw
Susan Cookson
Rita May
Mark Benton
James Mc Avoy
Rodney Litchfield
Maxine Peake


Channel: BBC2
Written By: Craig Cash and Phil Mealey
Produced By: Phil McIntyre Television for  BBC


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