Hale And Pace, The London Weekend Television Series, 1988

Gareth Hale and Norman Pace found fame towards the end of the 1980’s, after a single one-off special for London Weekend Television shown Christmas 1986 was a success.  This lead to to a relationship with LWT that would last ten years and comprised sixty six shows over ten years between 1988 and 1998.  They generally went out on a Sunday night.

They are probably best remembered for their Two Rons characters aka “The Management” and their other famous characters: the ever smiling and colourfully dressed children’s TV presenters Billy (Hale) and Johnny (Pace).


The show was a sketch based show, with a number of characters recurring over the ten series run.  Despite it’s popularity, the series was not without it’s controversial moments.  Particularly a sketch in the first series featuring them pretending to microwave a cat, this sketch got them into the top 50 on “50 most shocking comedy moments”

In series two they went a step further in a sketch where Norman holds a baby and they both move aside to show the microwave behind them. Gareth flips a coin, then the baby upstages them by vomiting over Norman’s arm.   Other sketches were heavily criticised for being perverted or almost pornographic.









Gareth Hale and Norman Pace


Channel: ITV
Written By: Adrian Baldwin and Lenny Barker
Produced By: London Weekend Television
Original Transmission Dates: 2nd October 1988 – 20th December 1998



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