“Gis A Job!”

Boys From The Blackstuff, 1982

From the pen of renowned playwright Alan Bleasdale came this sequel to his 1978 play ‘The Black Stuff’.

Boys From the Blackstuff is now seen by many as a piece of cult television drama.  Although written before Mrs Thatcher became Prime Minister, the series is seen to be TV’s most complete dramatic response to the Margaret Thatcher’s Britain.

It became famous for a line by one of the characters Yosser Hughes “Gis A Job”.  Indeed the popular catchphrase lead to a spin off record of the same name.

The series ran for five episodes and was so successful upon its original broadcast that only nine weeks after it had finished transmission, it was re-shown on the higher-profile BBC1.


Boys from the Blackstuff follows the stories of the five now-unemployed men who have lost their jobs.

Set in Bleasdale’s home city of Liverpool, the series reflected many of the writer’s own experiences of life in the city.

Each episode focused on a different member of the group.









Bernard Hill – Yosser Hughes
Michael Angelis – Chrissie Todd
Alan Igbon – Loggo Logmond
Peter Kerrigan – George Malone
Tom Georgeson – Dixie Dean


Channel: BBC2
Written By: Alan Bleasdale
Original Transmission Dates: 10th October – 7th November 1982

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