Butterflies, Christmas With The Parkinsons, 1979

Butterflies, 1979, it’s hard to believe that this classic is now almost  forty years old.

Hugely popular in it’s day Butterflies only ever served up one full length Christmas Special, despite running for four series.

However there was a short sketch in Christmas 1982 as part of The Funny Side Of Christmas.

“Christmas with the Parkinsons” was the final episode of series two broadcast in 1979.

Anyone who remembers this classic Carla Lane sitcom will remember Ria’s cooking mishaps provided some of the show’s classic humour.  Perhaps a welcome alternative to the many cooking tips and shows we get bombarded with at this time of year.


The thought of cooking for Christmas frightens Ria.   Her  thoughts turn to happier matters as  she is cheered at the thought of meeting Leonard again.  Ria’s Happiness is short lived when they have a row.

Returning home the row preys on her mind and she burns the pizza.

On Christmas Eve Leonard rings and they meet in the park to wish each other a happy Christmas.

As Christmas Day begins all is well in the Parkinson household with offers of help from the family but Ria finds herself drifting to other desires when she hears the musical Christmas card that Leonard has sent anonymously.






Wendy Craig – Ria Parkinson
Geoffrey Palmer – Ben Parkinson
Bruce Montague – Leonard Dunn
Nicholas Lyndhurst – Adam Parkinson
Andrew Hall – Russell Parkinson
Michael Ripper – Thomas
Joyce Windsor – Ruby


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Carla lane
Original Transmission Date: 2nd December 1979


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