Chef! 1993

Based on an idea by Lenny Henry this was his first step into the world of sitcom.  Chef ran for twenty episodes over three series between 1993 and 1996.  The series was produced by Lenny Henry’s own production company Crucial Films.

It’s notable that series one and two were shot on film and directed in the style of a drama series.  By series three budgetary and time constraints had kicked into the BBC, and so the third series was shot on videotape and was directed more like a traditional sitcom.

Whilst all three series have been released on DVD many fans of the show have criticised 2entertain for savage cuts made to the original shows.


Lenny Henry plays the grumpy, temperamental but undoubtedly talented chef: Gareth Blackstock who rules his kitchen with a rod of iron and his own particular brand of withering put downs.









Lenny Henry – Gareth Blackstock
Caroline Lee-Johnson – Janice Blackstock
Roger Griffiths – Everton Stonehead


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Peter Tilbury, from an idea by Lenny Henry
Written By: Peter Tilbury
Production Company: Crucial films for BBC
Original Transmission Dates: 28th January 1993 – 30th December 1996