Lenny Henry’s Race Through Comedy, 2019

A GOLD original show.  Lenny Henry’s Race Through Comedy was a documentary series that ran over 3 parts in 2019.

Sir Lenny Henry celebrates British TV comedy throughout the years, focusing on the iconic shows that have shone a light on Britain’s rich mix of multiculturalism.

The show featured some classic gems from the past, as the legendary comic painted a funny yet thought-provoking picture of British comedy history – from Rising Damp through to the likes of Desmond’s, Goodness Gracious Me, and Chewing Gum.

Race through Comedy tackled not just the classics but the more controversial moments in comedy history.  It featured  interviews with special guests, including: Robert Beckford, Trevor Phillips and Michael Grade, alongside celebrity fans of some of Britain’s most iconic comedies.


The series was split into 3 distinct parts.


Beginning with the hugely successful but contaversial sitcom  Love Thy Neighbour, this episode looks at some of the well-meaning attempts television made to embrace the changing face of the nation during the 1970s.

Stand Up

In this episode Lenny takes a look at the influence of black comedians.

Starting with early pioneers such as Charlie Williams and Josh White, two legendary black comics who came up through the tough northern working men’s social clubs in the 1960’s and 70’s, this episode also looks back the start of Lenny Henry’s own career.


Beginning with Lenny’s prominence as a versatile performer and creator of characters, the film features great archive from Tiswas, Three Of A Kind and Lenny’s own shows.

There’s also a look back at 90’s sketch show The Real McCoy and British television’s first Asian sketch show: Goodness, Gracious Me, as well as uncovering the secrets behind the success of  The Kumars At Number 42.


As no specific clips were available we’ve used these classic Lenny Henry moments





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Channel: GOLD
Original Transmission Dates: 15th – 17th October 2019