The Lenny Henry Show, 1984 – A Show With Many Incarnations

The Lenny Henry Show started life in 1984, by the end of it’s seventh and final series it had clocked up forty eight episodes.

It began life in 1984 where it ran for two series (six episodes each) until 1985.

It returned in 1987 for another two six part series, until 1988. This time it took the format of a sitcom.

After a 1994 Christmas Special the series returned in 1995 back to it’s sketch show roots, surprisingly it failed to pick up a large enough audience and was axed after just one series, again six episodes.  However it did return for A Christmas Special the same year.

It would be 2004 before the series returned.  Airing for two series of eight episodes each in 2004 and 2005.


The shows were a mixture of stand up and sketches.

The exception was the two series in 1987 and 1988. Keeping the same name, the series followed a sitcom format. Lenny Henry as Delbert Wilkins, a well-meaning but trouble-prone pirate radio DJ.

The series ended with Wilkins going “legit”, gaining a job with the BBC World Service and a son.







Lenny Henry


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Lenny Henry with
Chris Reddy (1985)
Stan Hey (1987 -88)
Andrew Nickolds (1987 -88)
Original Transmisson Dates: 4th September 1984 – 24th June 2005


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