Blackadder – The Cavalier Years – 1988

The Cavalier Years was a 15 minute one-off edition of Blackadder set during the English Civil War, shown as part of Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day in 1988.

It is set between the second and third series (although broadcast after the third series) and features all the regular cast.


November 1648, King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland has already lost the Civil War.  Only two men remain loyal to him: Sir Edmund Blackadder, the sole descendant of the Blackadder dynasty at the time and his servant Sodoff Baldrick Esq.







Rowan Atkinson
Tony Robinson
Stephen Fry


Channel: BBC1 as part of Comic Relief 1988
Written By: Richard Curtis and Ben Elton
Original Transmission: 5th February 1988


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