Shut That Door – 1972 – 1973

Larry Grayson, perhaps doesn’t get the credit he deserves, he was a very funny comic who often gets overlooked.

It was Lew Grade, who after seeing Larry Grayson on various guest spots on ATV shows during the 1970’s gave him his own show in 1972 – Shut That Door.  Only two series were made of this show, despite much of the available information dating it 1972 – 1977, we have only found evidence of the two.  A follow up series The Larry Grayson Show swiftly followed , but that’s another story.


Shut That Door saw Larry in a mix of his inimitable style of conversational stand up, interviews and song and dance routines.






Starring: Larry Grayson


Channel: ITV
Original Broadcast: 18th August 1972 – 9th May 1973
Status: Only the final episode of this series remains in the archives


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