Doctor In Charge – 1972

The regulars are back for a third instalment of the Doctor….series.  Screened over two series between 1972 and 1973, clocking up an impressive forty three episodes.

A young Richard O’Sullivan makes an appearance in this series as Doctor Lawrence Bingham.


Doctor At Large see the students moving further up the promotion ladder, but there’s no change to their slacking off, chatting up girls, nor their ability to drive Professor Loftus round the bend.

However there’s more trouble for the boys from brown-noser Lawrence Bingham who trots about after Loftus in the hope of crawling into the good books.







Robin Nedwell – Dr. Duncan Waring
George Layton – Dr. Paul Collier
Geoffrey Davies – Dr. Dick Stuart-Clark
Ernest Clark – Professor Geoffrey Loftus
Richard O’Sullivan – Dr. Lawrence Bingham


Channel: ITV
Written By:
David Askey
Graham Chapman
Graeme Garden
George Layton
Jonathan Lynn
Bernard McKenna
Bill Oddie
Phil Redmond
Gail Renard.
Produced By: London Weekend Television for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 9th April 1972 – 29th December 1973

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