The Blackadder, 1983

Despite it’s extensive location shooting and that it cost £1 million to make, this first series is not always held in the same high esteem as the three series that would follow.  However, it remains my personal favourite.

Although there was an unaired Pilot Episode. The Black Adder is the first series of the popular Blackadder comedy series.

Set in 1485 at the end of the Middle Ages, the series is written as a secret history that suggests that king Richard III won the Battle Of Bosworth Field, but was unintentionally assassinated, and is succeeded by Richard IV (one of the Princes in the tower).


The series follows the exploits of Richard IV’s unfavoured second son Edmund (who calls himself “The Black Adder”) in his various attempts to increase his standing with his Father and in the final episode his quest to overthrow him.









Rowan Atkinson
Tony Robinson
Tim Mc Innerny
Brian Blessed
Elspet Gray
Robert East


Written By: Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis
Produced By: John Lloyd
Channel: BBC1
Original Run: 15 June 1983 – 20 July 1983


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