Rings On Their Fingers, 1978

There are so many sitcoms that get forgotten about, despite their poularity at the time of broadcast.  Rings On Their Fingers is a perfect example running for twenty episodes over three series between 1978 and 1980, it was a regular in the top ten for audience viewing figures during it’s first series and pulled in 21.1 million at it’s series 2 peak.

There are some familiar names in the cast Diane Keen (Cuckoo Waltz), Barbera Lott (Sorry!).


Oliver Pryde has lived with his girlfriend Sandy Bennett for six years and arrangement suits him just fine.  That is until Sandy announces that she wants to get married, Oliver always thought she was happy with the arrangement too.

Sandy’s claims that to be unconventional these days means getting married wrong-foots Oliver.  However by the end of series one they do get married.

Adjusting to married life Sandy is content with her victory, until she discovers that statistics prove that marriages of people who have previously lived together last as many months as the years they have co-habited!







Diane Keen
Martin Jarvis
Tim Barrett
Barbara Lott
John Harvey


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Richard Waring
Produced By: Harold Snoad
Original Transmission Dates: 13th October, 1978 – 27th November, 1980


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