Hector’s House, 1968

Classic Kids TV time again.  Hector’s House was hugely popular in the 1970’s when it was shown on BBC at the end of the teatime kids schedules.

The show was French in it’s origin and was first broadcast in it’s country of origin in 1966.  Rather than using the popular (at the time) stop motion Hector’s House used glove puppets.

There were 78 episodes made of 5 minutes duration over 7 series.  Hector’s House was picked up by he BBC where it was re-voiced and broadcast on BBC from 1968 and repeated regularly during the 1970’s.

The humour in Hector’s House was inspired by  the slapstick comedies of Jacques Tati, a French cinema actor of the 1940s and 50s, who often portrayed a man strangely at odds with his surroundings.


Affable, but sometimes/always pompous, Hector the dog lives live in a house with a beautiful garden. He is a proud gardener and handyman, never far from his tool shed. The motherly, but mischievous, Zsazsa the cat lives with him. Kiki the frog is a neighbour and constant visitor to the garden through a hole in the garden wall. She claims to be a meteorologist.

Hector desires order and tranquillity, and is always thinking up ways to improve himself and his garden.  He is willing to assist his two friends in their activities, but often finds them at odds with his own.  Kiki and Zsazsa also often play tricks on him.  However he always takes this in good humour, and ends each episode addressing the camera with his catchphrase: “I’m a great big old Hector.”







Channel: BBC1
Created, Written And Performed By: George Croses
Original UK Transmission Dates: 9th September 1968 – 4th December 1969


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