It’s The Wolf! 1969

During the 1970’s afternoon Kids’ TV programming we just couldn’t get enough of those great Hanna Barbera cartoons from the USA.

It’s The Wolf! being one such example.  Often airing between Playschool and Jackanory during BBC weekday Kids’ afternoon shows.

Originally ‘It’s The Wolf’ was part of an hour long Hanna Barbera show entitled ‘Cattanooga Cats’ which began in 1969.

It’s The Wolf ran for one season of 25 episodes in the USA between 1969 and 1970.  The short animated episodes found their way to Uk TV screens we think around the mid 1970’s.


It’s the Wolf! followed the comic exploits of Mildew Wolf who aspires to catch and eat a sure-footed lamb named Lambsy .

However he doesn’t count on Lambsy’s guardian; sheep dog Bristlhound.

Mildew is always thwarted by Bristlehound, who would apprehend Mildew (usually after hearing Lambsy cry out, “It’s the wool-uff!”), pound him, and toss him sailing into the air, with Mildew screaming a phrase such as “Spoilsport!” as he flies into the horizon and lands with a thud.






Voices Of

Lambsy – Daws Butler
Bristlehound – Alan Melvin
Midew Wolf – Paul Lynde


Channel: BBC1 (UK)
Created By: William Hanna and Joseph Barbera
Original Transmission Dates (USA): September 6th 1969 – November 7th 1970, UK dates not known.