Marion And Geoff, 2000

Now twenty years old this BBC mockumentary first hit our screens in 2000.

Produced in video-diary format, the first series consisted of ten episodes, each around ten minutes long.  When the series (excluding episode seven) was later repeated these smaller episodes were combined into a shorter length series with episodes now thirty minutes in length.

The second series hit TV screens in 2003.  This time there were six thirty minute episodes.


The series revolves around Keith Barret, a naive taxi driver who is going through a messy divorce from his wife, Marion, who, though he fails to realise it, has had a long-standing affair with her colleague, Geoff.

Each episode is presented as a monologue, filmed by a fixed camera in the confines of Keith’s car.







Rob Brydon – Keith Barret


Channel: BBC2
Created and Written By: Rob Brydon and Hugo Blick
Produced and Directed By: Hugo Blick
Associate Producer: Steve Coogan
Production Company: Baby Cow Productions
Original Transmission Dates: 26th September 2000 – 5th March 2003

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