Blackadder II – 1986

In the second series of the highly successful comedy our hero has come down in the world a little. No longer a Prince the main character is now Lord Edmund Blackadder, the great-grandson of the original Black Adder.

Following the BBC’s request for improvements (and a severe budget reduction), several changes were made for the second series.  Notably the character: cunning, shrewd and witty, in sharp contrast to the bumbling Prince Edmund of the first series. More cost-effective  changes included, shooting with virtually no outdoor scenes (in contrast to the first series which was shot largely on location) and several, frequently used, indoor sets, such as the Queen’s throne room and Blackadder’s front room.


Now set in the Elizabethan Era (1558–1603).  Lord Edmund Blackadder is a member of the London Aristocracy.  The series follows his attempts to win the favour of the childish Queen Elizabeth I.  As before he is aided, and often hindered, by two less intelligent sidekicks, his servant Baldrick, and Lord Percy Percy, heir to the Duchy Of Northumberland, with whom Blackadder has a grudging friendship.







Rowan Atkinson
Tony Robinson
Tim Mc Innerny
Stephen Fry
Miranda Richardson
Patsy Byrne


Written By: Ben Elton and Richard Curtis
Channel: BBC1
Produced By: John Lloyd
Original Transmission: 9th January 1986 – 20th February 1986


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  1. Cassandra C

    Very funny, I like the costumes.
    Also seen the Mr Bean episodes.
    I wonder if you should send some of these to the REAL Prince George and Duke of Edinburgh.


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