Packet Of Three’ 1991

Packet Of Three was an unusual attempt to combine sitcom with stand up comedy.  Whilst a good idea in theory  it was slightly less successful on TV.

However the show did manage 2 series of 8 episodes each between 1991 and 1992.


The series is set at the fictitious Crumpsall Palladium, which is run by theatre owner Henry with help from his kiosk assistant and ticket seller Jenny and stage manager and compere Frank.

The show revolved around the backstage comings and goings which each week were supplemented by guest appearances from real-life comedy acts who performed on the stage.

The first series featured three acts per show, hence it’s title packet of three, but with differing numbers of guest stars in the second series’ editions, the title changed to the more flexible Packing Them In.







Frank Skinner
Jenny Eclair
Henry Normal


Channel: Channel 4
Written By: Various
Original Transmission  Dates: 2nd August 1991 – 4th November 1992

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