Roy Clarke, What A Legacy!

As we approach the ten years since Last Of The Summer Wine left our screens, it’s worth remembering that creator and scriptwriter Roy Clarke turned 90 this year.

In a writing career that has spanned over fifty years Roy Clarke has written some of Britain’s favourite sitcoms.  So for this post we’ll let the clips do the talking as we look back at some of those classic sitcoms.

Last Of The Summer Wine remains one of Britain’s best loved sitcoms it ran for over 30 years and repeats are still as popular today.  The continuing mis-adventures of three old age pensioners behaving like kids was a huge hit with audiences of all ages.



An often forgotten ITV sitcom was the first outing for P.C. Penrose



It was part of Ronnie Barker’s Seven Of One series that lead to a full series with everyone’s favourite grocer in Open All Hours

After another outing for P.C. Penrose, Roy Clarke penned Potter starring Arthur Lowe, when Lowe passed away between series two and three Robin Bailey took over.



Based on an earlier outing with Leonard Rossiter entitled ‘Pygmalion Smith’ Ronnie Barker starred in ‘The Magnificent Evans’



During the height of Last Of the Summer Wine’s popularity There were two series of First Of The Summer Wine, taking us back to  the early days of our favourite trio

As we turned into the 1990’s Roy Clarke was still writing hit sitcoms.  Keeping Up Appearances became the BBC’s most exported sitcom of all time.



A potential pilot episode for a prequel ‘Young Hyacinth’ failed to catch on


In 2013  Roy Clarke resurrected Open All Hours with Granville now behind the counter.  Still Open All Hours is still running

These clips represent just a selection of an incredible volume of work.

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