Larry Grayson’s Generation Game, 1978

Bruce had left to host ‘The Big Night’ leaving the BBC with a vacancy for their premier Saturday night show.

Alan Boyd, producer of the Generation Game at the time, remembers that there were many proposals as to who should take over. However, he felt he did not want the new program to be comparable to Forsyth’s Generation Game, (he did not want the audience to be able to compare the two shows to think that Bruce was better or that the new host was better) so he cast Larry Grayson to take over, with a new theme tune and scenery, and a new Co Host, Isla St Clair.

Gone were the consolation prize tankards, replaced with doors.  The comfy leather chair featured in the end game as contestants tried to remember what was on the conveyor belt was replaced by a white high backed kitchen chair.  “lets have a look at the old scoreboard” became “scores on the doors”

Larry Grayson was a natural choice to host the show, he could make you laugh with just a look.


As with Brucie’s version, contestants made fools of themselves competing in a series of games, tasks.  The winning two couples would go onto the end game and the overall winner got to see what was on the conveyor belt tonight.

The ever popular Saturday night show suffered a blip when, in 1981 the Generation Game began to suffer falling ratings against ITV’s Game For A Laugh.  The show continued, but in 1982, Larry Grayson decided to quit whilst the show was still popular.

The BBC considered continuing and to that end approached Jimmy Tasrbuck to present the show, he turned it down.

Deciding Larry Grayson could not be replaced, the BBC cancelled The Generaration Game.  Whilst it was the end for Larry Grayson’s time at the helm, the Generation Game would return eight years later with Brucie back in charge.










Starring: Larry Grayson and Isla St Clair

Repeats: The show has been repeated on UK Gold, anybody that has never seen Larry Grayson’s Generation Game it’s well worth a look if it ever gets repeated or released to DVD.






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