Sykes  And A….

The BBC sitcom starring Eric Sykes and Hattie Jacques that aired for sixty episodes (59 and 1 short) over nine series on BBC1 from 1960 to 1965.

Sykes And A.. was the first time Eric Sykes and Hattie Jacques performed together, making them one of the most popular comedy double acts of the time.

Although titled Sykes And A, each episode had it’s own title i.e. Sykes And A Bath, Sykes And A Telephone.

Forty three of the episodes would be re-made in colour for a later 1970’s BBC series ‘Sykes’


Eric is an accident-prone child-like man who lives with his twin sister Hattie in a terraced house, 24 Sebastopol Terrace in East Acton.

Both are unmarried. Their busybody neighbour Charles Brown often interferes, until he emigrates to Australia. The local policeman, who makes occasional appearances, is Corky Turnbull.








Eric Sykes – Himself
Hattie Jacques – Hattie Sykes
Deryck Guyler – PC Wilfred ‘Corky’ Turnbull
Richard Wattis – Charles Brown (series 1 to 3)


Channel: BBC1
Written by: Eric Sykes, Johnny Speight, John Antrobus and Spike Milligan.
Produced By: Dennis Main Wilson (1960-62), Sydney Lotterby (1963-65)
Original Transmission: 29 January 1960 – 16 November 1965


Much of this series is missing from the BBC archives and to date there has been no DVD release of this

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