Terry And June, “The Christmas Show (The Mink Coat)”

In the nine series of Terry and June there were four Christmas Specials.  The Mink coat which aired in 1980 was the first.

It’s classic Terry and June all the way through as Terry does Someone a favour that lands him in whole lot of trouble.

This episode the first appearance of Tim Barrett as Malcom.  Taking over the role from Terence Alexander, he would continue in the role until series seven.


When Malcolm buys Beattie a mink coat he asks Terry to look after it for him.

Unfortunately for Terry, June finds it hidden under the bed and she mistakenly thinks he has bought it for her.







Terry – Terry Scott
June – June Whitfield
Malcom – Tim Barrett
Beattie – Rosemary Frankau


Channel: BBC1
Written By: John Kane
Original Transmission Date: 23rd December 1980

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